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Furniture Design

Interior Styling

Photography by Lauren Moore and Justin Chung

Design: Karen Mordechai

Landscape Achitecture: ORCA

LM Larkwood092.jpg
LM Larkwood139.jpg
LM HOL Larkwood029 copy.jpg

A collabortaion with Sunday Suppers + Le Marke.  Karen has a very deep talent for aesthetics and vision.  I love all her work.  It is so considered, and all so beautiful. I was so honored when she asked for my help in pulling together the furniture and final touches- I knew we needed to stay with natural materials, soft textures, and a very refined touch.   I love the tall Ficus Audrey tree and the way it frames the view from the dining room through to the living room, and how the colors and textures flow together.  I love that she always describes the walls and feeling of the house as “yummy and taup-ey” (as a chef would!) and I wanted to accentuate the minimal furniture with some striking, sculptural vases that add  a visual impact without feeling overpowering or visually cluttered with the plaster and paint colors.  The light tones of wood and soft edges of the furniture work together in such a lovely way there- the vintage sofa has such a regal feeling about it, and the room feels so grand with the low, light colored coffee table.

LM Larkwood115.jpg
LM Larkwood122.jpg
LM HOL Larkwood045.jpg
LM Larkwood119.jpg
LM Larkwood043.jpg
LM Larkwood008.jpg
LM Larkwood097.jpg
LM Larkwood099.jpg
LM Larkwood117.jpg
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